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‘Small amount of looting’ experienced in Wimberley after floods


Hays County Judge Bert Cobb informed the public at a May 26 press conference that President Barack Obama has declared the State of Texas a disaster area after catastrophe struck over the holiday weekend.

“This is not over,” Cobb said. “(Weather services) are expecting torrential rain this weekend too. And the river is already full.”

Cobb said the disaster declaration from the national government will help Texas find relief in the aftermath of the flooding through federal funding. He said the community needs to stay safe and prepare for more heavy rain, as well as the flooding that is expected to come along with it.

Hays County Commissioner Will Conley, Precinct 3, took the microphone to address the public as well.

Conley said there was a body found yesterday in Caldwell County, bringing the number of confirmed fatalities from the floods to two people.

Neither body has been identified. Twelve people remain missing and 30 are unaccounted for, he said. Wimberley Mayor Steve Thurber said the only street that remains shut down is River Road.

Conley said crime has been a well-managed issue in the wake of destruction caused by the flood.

“We experienced some small amount of looting, but we handled those situations appropriately and everything has been very civil since,” Conley said.

The rapid speed in which the flood occurred was surprising, he said.

“We have seen much more widespread flood, but never such a large wall of water moving down one river,” Conley said.