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Disaster strikes, time to grow up

     Brandon Sams  Opinions Editor

Brandon Sams
Opinions Editor

Amidst a disaster of unprecedented proportions, one would imagine people would act civilly, with concern and compassion. Those people underestimate the grand self-importance of young college kids.

Disaster hit big-time in San Marcos over Memorial Day Weekend. To the shock and awe of absolutely no one, stupidity hit just as quickly and just as hard. Social media was abuzz with the typical invincible clamoring of pesky and narcissistic wannabe adults.

To add insult to injury, it has recently come to my unfortunate attention that those same people were bragging all over social media and making a mockery out of the disaster itself. While Mother Nature takes her toll on Central Texas, she just cannot stop these people from being self-described “txst af”—or, in other words, foolish, impulsive, dismissive party animals.

Prioritizing partying and reveling in a disaster that has devastated thousands of people’s homes, and livelihoods, is beyond insensitive. In fact, it is just outright pathetic.

Having such distasteful manifestations of humanity even loosely associated with me is irking to say the least. Unsurprisingly, Yik Yak and Twitter seem to be the hub for these buffoons.

If these people are not bragging about seeking dealers for their drug habits, they are complaining about a county-imposed curfew to curb looting and protect would-be thrill-seekers from their own overinflated egos.

At this point in time I just find myself consistently asking how old people are, begging them to please, for once, use their brains.

It is shameful that young adults still need people to hold their hands and cue them like children on what to do and what not to do. People are shortsighted to the point that they do not even realize the amount of danger posed by floating during flash flood and tornado warnings.

Newsflash, the warning is exactly for those people. Those people who are too busy trying to be cool, drink and get high somewhere because mommy and daddy never taught them limits, precaution or consequence.

Frankly, a disaster of this proportion—one that even President Obama himself has commented on—should not be met with petty discourse and attempts at juvenile humor. Yes, we are young, but we should not be young and dumb. Talk about one hell of a combination. We are in college—the whole “dumb ‘cuz I’m young” narrative is played out. Time to grow up, Bobcats, and there is no better time than now.

-Brandon Sams is a journalism junior